MGI 2016 - A message from the Executive Producer

People have been enquiring about MGI 2016: Here is the plan:

Thanks first to the wonderful The Gibson Hotel who kindly offered us their 5 star venue again this year!

Last October too few people supported the amazing final, leaving us with no funds to continue our usual programme.

MGI will now take a year off due to fall off in audience support, nominating bodies and clubs support, committee volunteers and sponsorship. There is also no Mr Gay World competition until January 2017. So the 2016 our winner has no international opportunity to travel.

There are three options to keep it ticking over:

1. We will nominate Someone to hold the title for the year

2. If venues select their own new 2016 Mister we will set a deadline for fundraising, maybe do a webvote and do an interview session and pick a winner. As always 100% of funds raised go to the New Fill HIV facial restoration service at the Guide Clinic in St James Hospital Dublin

3. Ask all new Misters and our past ones to support our charity in a series of fundraisers they will run up to World AIDS Day in December.

These are the options and any other views welcome.

When Mr Gay World resumes in January 2017, we will examine doing another MGI final in October 2016.

If you wish to apply to be a Mister or have a plan for a fundraiser or a final - please email us at mrgayireland@gmail.com thank you for your support which has helped raise €152000 for HIV and making Ireland the first country in the world to win both the European and World Mr Gay titles.

Well done too to all the Mr Gays for working so hard on the YES campaign especially in rural Ireland!

 Brian Merriman, Founder, Executive Producer, Mr Gay Ireland/Northern Ireland

Copyright: Mr Gay Ireland.ie