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Promoters Information

Thank you for your interest in the Mr Gay Ireland Final 2017, being held in Cork on March 4th 2017.

We are proud to present our twelfth Mr Gay Ireland Final promoting positive visibility and raising funds for HIV. Please find below information regarding the competition.

• Holding a Heat •

If you want to run a heat for Mr Gay Ireland/Mr Gay Northern Ireland 2017 - please read the contestant’s handbook (attached). This is what you give to your chosen winner or what you need to know if you are selected as a Mr Gay. If you agree with the charitable and awareness ethos of the event, then join us in promoting this all – island project. MGI promotes visibility of gay people in urban and rural areas throughout the Island of Ireland.

MGI raises awareness about safe sex and each contestant fundraises for the New Fill HIV service of St James Hospital, Dublin – 100% of the monies raised goes directly to the charity.

Venues, sports/community groups can hold a heat in any area on the Island of Ireland. All heats must be concluded by February 14th 2017. The earlier the date, the better chance the winner has to prepare for the Final. We do insist however, that you do contact us in advance of the heat, so that a member of our committee can attend the heat or assist you in any way possible. But you are responsible for running your own heat, ensuring the result is fair and that your contestant is fully aware of the commitment required to compete in Mr Gay Ireland.

The heats are generally light hearted, great fun and they attract a large crowd to any venue or community group. Put on some entertainment, or consider inviting current titleholders. You will benefit from the event and the follow-up fundraisers, and your venue/group will be well publicized during the month of the Final.

It is worth making an effort to get a great contestant and to support him. We will advise you if you need any ideas, and can put you in contact with the relevant press/ photographers etc. In the weeks before your heat, you should ‘talent spot’ and have entry forms available. A member of the MGI committee will endeavour to be present at your venue to assist you on the evening.

It is essential your winner contacts immediately after his heat win. Once a finalist is chosen, he must read and agree to accept and abide by the criteria set out in the handbook.

You should apply to register your heat date on on a ‘first come first served’ basis from now until the final closing date.

• What should happen at a Heat? •

You can organize your own heat which must reflect the standards and ethos of the MGI organization. We are looking for a positive male role model to represent the Irish gay community. MGI will try to send a representative to the heat and will assist with judging and in any way possible. Your practical support for that attendance is appreciated.

Heats must be fair and relevant. The Adjudication must be fair and transparent.

Individuals or Community groups who wish to nominate a representative should clear that process with the MGI team in advance and we are open to nominations. There can be more than one representative from the same area, especially large cities.

The Executive Committee of MGI can also select up to three ‘wild cards’ from any region to compete in the Final, in addition to your own or the region’s official heat winners. What do you do after your heat?

*Promote your chosen candidate(s) in the local media, Papers, magazines, whatever resources may be available to you.

*Ensure that he, his fundraising and sends in his pic and info if there is a webvote on, and that this gets as much exposure as possible.

*Ask previous winners from your area to brief your new candidate on how to be prepared for the final and the tasks. There are various rounds in the competition; there are more details of these in the candidate pack.

**Get your HIV fundraising started and think of innovative ways to promote your candidate and to raise funds for the New Fill HIV project at the Guide Clinic in St James Hospital.

• Before the Final•:

Publicise the web vote (if any) during February and ensure your winner is supported. If we do a web vote, this counts for one full judge in the final. It is free and will be on:

• Each heat winner relies on you for support. He will need help with: • Fundraising for the chosen charity (The New Fill Project @ St James’) • He needs help getting to and staying in Cork • He will need help in looking his best for the Final, including clothes if necessary. • He is your representative and you need to ensure he is well supported and provided for. • In previous years, venues/groups have applied for sponsorship from clothing stores etc, so it’s not always necessary to give financial support. Use the resources available to you in your local area. Organise a group to attend the final and make flags, T-shirts, posters etc to support him. Have a great weekend or night out at the Final. Celebrate your winner! Book your tickets for this event on If not from Cork, why not organise a bus for supporters.

For the Final: •Promote yourself, your company, your brand. If you wish you can add your logo to the official website and stage show beside your contestant for only 100 euros. •Offer a prize, voucher or product for the Grand Final. •Sponsor the winners to compete internationally or to attend relevant international events • Invite the national winner to your venue/organisation during the year and book in your heat for next year’s competition.

•Now check out the tasks ahead for your winner in the handbook.

•Thank you for supporting your guy and this great cause which has raised 153k to date for HIV and gay causes.

We are always open to your good ideas to improve the event.

• Ask your Venue/Group: Would you like to have a stand or poster in the Grand Final Venue to promote your groups activities? Do you have any products you would like to provide at the final? Would your venue/group like to sponsor a prize at the Grand Final? Give the handbook below to your contestant and discuss the format with him – any questions will be answered by us through Friend Brian Merriman and Konrad Im on Facebook to be included in the Facebook communications group for contestants.

Thank you for supporting the ‘gay all-Ireland’ – the 12th Mr Gay Ireland/Northern Ireland competition raising crucial funds for HIV in Ireland.